Forty Years of experience in audio engineering.

CanEVER AUDIO® was founded by Mario Canever with the ambitious goal of recreating all the emotions of the live music at home.

Combining the know-how from different fields leads to state-of-art electronics that impart vivid emotions to the listener.

CanEVER AUDIO® designs electronic components that excel in sonic performances that faithfully create the backstage image of the sound scape.

CanEVER AUDIO® offers 7 different DAC & preamplifiers, the ZeroUno family, and 3 power amplifiers, LaScala, Olimpico, and Malibran.

Hall 2, H07/J11


An Hybrid Class Amplifier, with an input processed with the DSD philosophy followed by a power stage made of only 2 power MOSFET in Push-Pull. The same philosophy of LaScala.

The filter at the output is designed around an audio transformer, same used in the LaScala and Olimpico power amplifiers, working in the audio frequency range (bandwidth is over 100KHz).

The “DSD like” modulation technique implemented minimizes the electromagnetic interferences. 

There is the compensation of the impedance of the loudspeaker, so to have the maximum control at the bass.

We called this compensation TESLA (Transformer Enhanced Servo Loudspeaker Amplifier), only to remember Nikola Tesla, the inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist that thought about physics like no one else dared. 

It is possible to interface the loudspeakers naturally in bi-wiring. There are two outputs, one to drive directly the woofers, the other to drive the midrange/tweeter.

Both output are without band limitations. 

250Wrms continuous power on 8 ohms, 500Wrms on 4 ohms.

Stereo Malibran Power Amp Weight is 25Kg. Size is 44x34x25H

Hall 2, H07/J11



An extreme implementation of the 01 PLUS ULTRA without attention to cost.

Mullard tubes, copper capacitors, tantalum resistors, super-permalloy transformer.

Hall 2, H07/J11


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